Nude Pics Of Ashley Greene Helping Hackers Swindle Peeps

Those leaked nude photos of New Moon star, Ashley Greene are getting way more mileage than the 22-year-old actress could have ever anticipated. Hackers have been using the photo as bait to steal bank details, personal information and spread viruses when users click on links claiming to feature the pictures.

Graham Cluley from the web security company, Sophos, advises Internet users, “There are more and more malware attacks targeting both PC and Mac users–so whatever system you use, infection could be just a click away.”

Meanwhile, I’m getting the distinct impression that these Twilight stars are started to grow a bit weary of their sudden rise to fame. It used to just be Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart who seemed over it, now the supporting players like Nikki Reed and Ashley are looking over it. Ashley is definitely not smiling behind those dark sunglasses, even though she’s walking the cutest little dog.

Gallery Info: Ashley Greene
walks her dog in Vancouver.