Nude Padma Lakshmi, Eliza Dushku & Chelsea Handler In ‘Allure’

To prove that she’s comfortable in her own skin, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi struck a sexy pose for the annual nude issue of Allure. It’s hard to believe that the 38-year-old reality TV star and cookbook author is pushing forty. Of her shoot, Lakshmi said, “I don’t have any stigma attached to my body. When I’m in my own private space, I have very little on.”

Talk show host Chelsea Handler showed off a few of her favorite things in the shoot: her breasts. The 34-year-old bragged, “My boobs are good. They’re real and perky. Even if you can’t see them, the important thing is that I know about them, and the guys I’ve slept with know about them.”

Eliza Dushku confessed to the mag, “I’ll strip down to my underwear and my Ugg boots when I eat lunch in my trailer.” And because I’m sure you guys are curious, I’m actually naked while I write this post. Naked, except for a top hat, cane and tap shoes. Cause that’s the only way to get through a Monday morning.

Gallery Info: Nude Padma Lakshmi, Eliza Dushku, Chelsea Handler, Sharon Leal and Lynn Collins pose for Allure.