‘NSYNC Makes A Comeback At The VMAs And Five Other Stories In Our Weekend Roundup

NSYNC Reunion Rumors
They've been going on for years!
Here are some stories you missed over the weekend!

‘NSYNC Brings The 90s Back As One Direction & Justin Timberlake Win Big!

Oh my god. Everyone. Just…oh my god. Before we start talking about the whole 2013 MTV Video Music Awards let’s all just take a moment and bask in the glory of ‘NSYNC‘s first onstage reunion since 2003. Check out the story! 

The other five stories you may have missed…

Orlando Bloom Makes Fans Go Wild After The First Preview Of Broadway’s Romeo & Juliet

If he managed to make elf ears and dirty pirate look hot, he can pretty much do anything. Check out the story!

Taylor Swift Posts Awesome ‘No Trespassing’ Sign, Looks Fierce At Sold Out Concert At The Staples Center

Leave it up to Taylor Swift to come up with a quirky and passive aggressive way of telling lurkers to f*ck off. Check out the story!

10 ‘American Idol’ Judges From Seasons Past

With only one confirmed judge for season 13, American Idol is teasing fans nearly every day with news of potential new judges joining the upcoming season. Check out the story!

Ian Somerhalder Is A Green Fighting Machine, Rallies With Sierra Club

It is really beautiful watching this man in action! Ian Somerhalder attended the Sierra Club’s Asheville Beyond Coal: A Rally for Our Future at Pack Square on August 24, 2013 in Asheville, North Carolina. Check out the story!

The Kardashians Finally Get It Right With New Kardashian Kollection

Let’s be honest here, anything associated with the Kardashians tends to get a bad rap, especially their fashion choices. Check out the story!