‘NSYNC Is Prepping For Their Performance At MTV VMAs!

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The MTV VMA are on in a few hours (on August 25th, 2013) and we are stoked that ‘NSYNC will be reuniting. Even though JC Chasez recently told SOCIALITE LIFE that the exciting rumors of a reunion at the VMAs were untrue we now know that they were lying because Joey Fatone’s father spilled the beans

But we knew they had something up their sleeve when they joined Twitter on August 24th.

Hairdresser Benjamin Thigpen tweeted this tweet and photo (above) of Lance Bass and Joey Fatone looking well-groomed for the performance:

Boys, you wouldn’t even be able to fend off rumors anyway, you look too well-groomed to not be performing…

It’s things like this that mess with our emotions, guys!

So tune to see how ‘NSYNC punk’d us!

It’s okay though, we still love you. XoXo

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