Now Mariah Carey Wants To Be An ‘American Idol’ Judge

It’s the summer of “I Wanna Be…American Idol Edition” for Hollywood.  Instead of down-on-their-luck aspiring singers auditioning, it’s the stars that are vying for a seat on American Idol.  The latest celebrity to voice her request? Mariah Carey, according to the U.K.’s Daily Express (seen here with the hubs at the 82nd annual Academy Awards back in March).

Hold your horses, though.  Carey’s assistant/publicist husband, Nick Cannon, says that the diva is just sewwwww busy that it would be hard to fit it into her already packed schedule.  Something tells me that American Idol will say “thanks but no thanks” considering the deal with fellow diva Jennifer Lopez just fell through.  If Idol isn’t going to give into JLo’s demands, what makes Carey think she’ll get the kitchen sink for signing on?  This is turning out to be a hot mess.  Just hire a producer to be a judge and let’s get this season over with.