Note: This Is Not A Paris Hilton Story, It’s About Lindsay Lohan Trying To Sneak Pills Into Rehab

We’re all on Paris overload so this might make a nice breather. Lindsay Lohan has been trying to convince friends to bring her sleeping pills in rehab . Which I assume would be frowned upon, right?

“Even though cell phones and BlackBerrys are not allowed in the $1,600/day Malibu facility, a Star source says Lindsay managed to get a BlackBerry in and has been pleading with “friends” to bring her just what she doesn’t need – sleeping pills.

She’s in rehab because of her addiction to drugs – everything from cocaine to OxyContin and Ambien – but she’s complaining she can’t sleep,” a “close friend” said. “She’s been texting friends 24/7, begging them for pills!”

These Star sources also say that one of Lindsay’s biggest concerns remains her 21st-birthday bash in Las Vegas on July 2.

More on what Lindsay Lohan is up to in rehab after the jump.

Another bad sign: Lindsay is reportedly allowed off the Promises premises to attend addiction-group meetings. (You would think at a treatment center, they could muster together an addiction-group meeting.)

Lastly, Lindsay has also reportedly hired a sobriety coach to be with her around the clock. The coach’s fee? $2,000 a day.

2 grand? Hire me! I’ll slap the drugs out of her damn nose for 2K a day! Rehab can’t be going well for this epitome of class and grace if all she can think about is getting to a club in Vegas after she gets out. Her focus on sobriety seems a little off. And by the way, sources say she isn’t just going to group meetings off premises but also to the gym. And replace “gym” with “coke dealer”. There’s no gym in the rehab? And why isn’t rehab a lockdown? I didn’t see Sandy Bullock skipping off to Curves in “28 Days”! Bitch was too busy detoxing and running for her life from zombies! This is all such a comedy, but I wish the acting was better.