Not Your Everyday Sun Goggles

Yves Saint Laurent may be a bit on the bashful side, but the man knows his stuff. Creating must-have bags and the seasons hottest trends is nothing short of standard. This year his “Muse” bag is the accessory starlets and socialite’s must have their hands on. Jennifer Aniston and Madonna are currently big fans.

For summer, YSL has upped the ante. The launch of three sunglasses that tie into the “Muse” are the anticipated item of the summer. Sleek sunglasses with black and white acetate will echo the bags assets. Gold hinges will also be taken from the bags signature padlock. For a bargain price of $125-$145 a pop you can find the summer sunglasses next month. Check out Solstice and Saks for the goods.

Sun goggles, I know. Let the ridicule begin. I am just getting over my Oscar hangover, so be gentle.