Not That We Had To Remind You, But Donald Trump Is Delusional


Donald Trump is nuts. He thinks he has the #1 show. More people are watching my colonoscopy on YouTube.

Ratings come and go, but megalomania and self-delusion are forever. Last night on The Apprentice, which you’re probably not watching anymore, Donald Trump was giving his wannabes their latest assignment at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. “They should put my footprints outside,” he told the troops. “I’m a bigger star than anybody. I have the No. 1 show on television.” (His declaration inspired’s Apprentice TV Watch columnist Whitney Pastorek to anoint herself the “No. 1 Writer on the Internets.”) For the record, The Apprentice came in 44th out of 97 network broadcasts monitored by Nielsen last week; it’s ranked 89th out of 197 series so far this season.

He is so crazy. I almost have to applaud him for it. Rich people who just say things that they believe to be true despite the contrary are more fun because they can afford to buy you a better class of liquor while they’re bullshitting you.

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