Not Surprised: Katherine Jackson Exploits Her Dead Son For Profit

I know I’ll get some flack for this, but that’s okay. The point of this website and all blogs are that we’re here to share our opinions on stuff right? Well, when I saw the story of Katherine Jackson putting together a coffee table book about her deceased son, who you know as Michael Jackson, I felt disgusted.

Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives will feature photos from her personal collection along with her reminiscences and will go on sale Monday, to coincide with the anniversary of Jackson’s death on Friday. Proceeds from the book will be split between Katherine, Michael’s three children and the Voices Against Brain Cancer charity.

It’s really terrible that Jackson was worth more dead than alive and that his own damn mother is now exploiting his image and her memories of her own damn son to make some money. Sure it’s ‘split’ between her and the kids, but c’mon! It just sickens me that people are still trying to profit off of him in death.

But, why am I surprised? Anything anyone in that family does (aside from Janet, who keeps her distance if you’ll notice) is just really fucked up. And then there’s this charity concert business which is ‘endorsed’ by Katherine. Who is she to endorse anything? Ugh.

While you ponder those thoughts, check out the 160 photos of Michael Jackson in the gallery.