Not So Anonymous: David Arquette Leaves AA Meeting

Police are reporting that David Arquette’s recent car accident in Los Angeles did not involve drugs or alcohol. The news comes light on the heels of seeing Arquette yesterday leaving his Alcoholic Anonymous meeting – er, however anonymous one can be in that meeting as an actor.

The 39-year-old crashed his silver Cadillac in the West Hollywood neighborhood last week and sustained minor injuries. According to the report, he swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting a vehicle stopped in front of him.

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“No alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash whatsoever,” a Beverly Hills Police Dept. spokesperson told People magazine. “It appears that the accident will be Mr. Arquette’s fault for driving on the wrong side of the roadway.”

Arquette said the female driver he hit was uninjured in the accident and that he wished he was wearing his seatbelt. As part of his recovery process, Arquette also refused all pain medication when he was treated after the accident.