North West Is The Best Dressed Baby Ever

Auntie Kim Kardashian
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When a baby has better clothing than you, it really puts your life into perspective.

North West is basically the most stylish and luckiest child I’ve ever seen. Seriously, her wardrobe is to die for.  North’s mom, Kim Kardashian has been posting pictures on her Instagram of North’s baby gifts, a collection of truly beautiful clothing, and she’s at it again.

In this series of North’s baby gift photos, Kim posted pictures of a beautiful white dress, a grey sweatshirt with a tiger on it, two floral dresses, and a grey shirt with a picture of Kim’s face on it. North is going to have some major mommy pride with that last one.

The white dress was a gift from Oscar de la Renta, and I sincerely hope we eventually get to see pics of North wearing that one. So cute! Carine Rotfield, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, was the giver of the shirt with Kim’s face on it. Interesting choice, but I’m sure North will love it. She’ll probably adore it all. Why wouldn’t she? It’s all gorgeous – oh, and she’s a baby. They love everything.

My personal favorite is the sweatshirt with the tiger on it. Do they make that in my size?