Norman Reedus Shows Off His Muscles, Tattoos And Weapons For Terry Richardson [PHOTOS]

Walking Dead star Norman Reedus went in front of the camera for photographer Terry Richardson, and as usual, Terry brought out the kookiness in his subject.

Norman was photographed while brandishing a crossbow, knives and his muscles while posing while wearing a leather vest and jeans, but no shirt.

This was Norman’s response to Terry’s photos of him… 

Reedus, who plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, responsed to the question as to how he’d survive a zombie outbreak in Manhattan. “I would go to the Trump Hotel, lock myself in the penthouse, and watch South Park,” he told us. “Wait it out. Oh, and jerk off.” The whole time? It might take a while. “Not the way I do it! It’ll be over in fifteen seconds.” That answer folks, is why fans love Norman Reedus.

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