Norman Reedus Is Fan Friendly At Walker Stalker Con, Talks About His Sexy Scowl

Norman Reedus Gets Sexy
Norman Reedus poses for Terry Richardson.
Norman Reedus takes time out for the fans as he appears at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta. Norman was spotted giving a wave to fans of The Walking Dead as he leaves the building after attending Stalker Con in Atlanta this past Saturday (November 02, 2013).

During a recent appearance on Conan which aired on Halloween night, October 31, Conan O’Brien declared that Norman Reedus had “one of the best scowls.”

The Walking Dead star noted that he’s received a lot of praise for his scowl, which he perfected as he was living and working on the West Coast for several years. 

Norman explains, “I have beady little eyes anyway. I lived in L.A. for a while and going on auditions and all that stuff I just assumed everyone hated me, so I would just give everyone dirty looks all the time. I think somehow that dirty look turned into an acting career. I pretty much murder everybody on everything I do.”

Conan attempted the scowl and proclaimed, “When I do it, it looks like I have gas.” Watch that video below.

Norman really does love his fans, and he took to Twitter to thank all of those he met at Stalker Con.


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