Norman Reedus Explains Why Viewers Enjoy Daryl Dixon From ‘The Walking Dead’

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Mid-season finales sure are a killer.

For fans of The Walking Dead, they got what some people call “mid-season finale’d”. From what I’ve gathered, that means they leave you with such a tragic ending to an episode that you’re just left to mourn and relive the haunting scenes during the entire hiatus.

Hearts everywhere were broken after the terrible events. One character who continued to come on top was Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus.

Often times fan favorites aren’t killed off the show. Why is a redneck so popular with an audience though?

Daryl is masculine and incredibly capable. Some people like to fantasize about being the damsel in distress and he definitely epitomizes the hero. Let’s not forget he’s extremely handsome. Have you watched him in Messengers 2? No? Well, the plot isn’t the best, but he’s lovely in it.

You can speculate about why the character is so popular, just as I have. Reedus has come to his own conclusion. Explaining in his own words, he says, “I think people are drawn to him because they see a man who is trying to become a better person in the worst circumstances possible.”

Adding on, he further reveals, “He has learned it’s OK to be himself, and he’s found people who trust and rely on him.”

Sometimes all someone needs is to know they’re needed.

Don’t get too excited about the previously thought “untouchable” character sticking around forever. Scott M. Gimple, who took over for season four doesn’t inspire much confidence. “There is no one who is untouchable in this universe,”  he stated, eliciting quite a bit of uncertainty from me. 

Could he really kill off such a renowned character? Well, of course he could, but will he?

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, February 9th at 9pm!

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