Norman Reedus Bundles Up In New York City, Teases More ‘The Walking Dead’

Seeing all of these celebrities dealing with the cold of New York City just reminds me how nice it was to wear a t-shirt in LA yesterday. Although, if I was in New York right now, I could be hanging out with Norman Reedus.

The Walking Dead star was spotted in the city today, trying to deal with the latest polar vortex, as he smoked a cigarette on the way to his hotel.

You know what I love about Norman? That he looks like he could soothe your soul and kick your ass at the same time

I’m sure plenty of ass-kicking will take place when The Walking Deadreturns Sunday, February 9. I hate that TV shows keep taking these long, mid-season breaks. I just wanna watch Daryl kill some zombies!

Luckily the teaser trailer looks awesome, which is just another reason why you should all be watching The Walking Dead. Check out the teaser below, then launch the gallery and pretend you’re warmer than Norman. Unless you’re not, in which case, you have my sympathy.