Nolan Gerard Funk Cuddles A Teddy Bear For Kids Beating Cancer

Nolan Gerard Funk
Nolan flaunts it for Flaunt magazine.
Actor Nolan Gerard Funk is the face of the all-new Kids Beating Cancer public awareness campaign! For the photos, Nolan took a break from co-starring on the big screen with Lindsay Lohan and being the lead singer of The Warblers on Glee to co-star in the campaign with Kids Beating Cancer’s mascot, Bunky the Bear!

Kids Beating Cancer insures that all children can receive costly life-saving treatments, even when they can’t afford them. Children worldwide are encouraged to join the Bunky’s Pals program, where they can receive a variety of fun toys and activities during their hospital stays, as well as their very own Bunky the Bear! More info on the Bunky Pals program can be found here

Funk can currently be seen starring on MTV’s Awkward every Tuesday night! Nolan’s recent box office hit, Riddick, hits Blu Ray and DVD this Winter!

Photography: Michael Freeby (
Grooming: Brian Valentine (