Nobody Does Righteous Indignation Quite Like Vincent Gallo

There’s the harmless kind of crazy in Hollywood that makes us giggle and that even kind of gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. And then there’s the kind of crazy that is Vincent Gallo, where you’re pretty sure that if you somehow accidentally made eye contact with him, he’d probably bust you over your head with that pickle jar full of his special recipe of bodily fluids and his grandfather’s kidney stones that he’s been carrying around with him in his man-bag for the past three months, just to prove a point. And therewith, I present to you the latest chapter in the very public yet always very entertaining life of Vincent Gallo. From the New York Post’s Page Six:

VINCENT Gallo is no pal of PayPal. The online payment service abruptly cut ties with the actor-director because it didn’t want to be associated with him selling his sexual services and sperm through his Web site. “They are really fascists. They should breathe some death gas or something,” the star of X-rated flick “Brown Bunny” told Page Six. For years, Gallo had used PayPal as an intermediary to collect payments from people ordering merchandise over, including clothing, posters, artwork and jewelry. But he says PayPal got squeamish at him offering himself to single women and lesbian couples for prices of $50,000-$200,000, and sperm samples for women who want to have his baby for $1 million.

He is indeed amusing, albeit somewhat terrifying. He’s like the Suge Knight of nerdy white people. We’re not really sure what he’s capable of, but we find it best to avoid his gaze altogether–just to be safe.

GALLO OFF-LINE OVER SEX ADS [Page Six | New York Post]