Noah Mills Surprised No One Asked Him To Take His Clothes Off

Um, me too! What kind of non-thorough (read – sexual) producers are we dealing with here?

You may remember Noah Mill’s face (body?) as one of our Male Model Monday hotties, but now that he’s also bringing the yummy to Sex and the City 2 you’ll probably remember his name as well.

While he must show off some good stuff in the film he didn’t have to for his audition. “I was surprised they didn’t ask me to strip down,” he says. How cute is that? It’s probably the first thing everyone asks him to do. There are also a lot of available images of Noah on the Internets. “I guess they could research that stuff,”  he reasoned.

Kim Cattrall was happy to spend time with her new costar, dressed or bare. After working from 3 p.m. until 8 a.m. during filming, Kim was told she could leave while they film Noah’s close ups, but she stayed. “She demanded to stay and read with me for my close-up. I’ll never forget that,” says Mills. “Kim was a great acting partner.” Yes…it was all in the name of acting.