Noah Cyrus Launches Children’s Lingerie Line

January 30th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Miley Cyrus and little sister Noah Cyrus head to the recording studio in Burbank, CA with their labrador retriever puppy on January 30th.  Maybe some of her new lingerie pieces will fit her new puppy.

Just when we thought Miley couldn’t surprise us no more, her little sister does!  This time she is not “smacking that” to Akon’s song but, Coco Perez reveals that Noah is teaming up with her bestie Emily Grace to launch a slutty children’s lingerie collection for Ohh! La, La! Couture.  Too bad Noah didn’t team up with Frankie Jonas for a his and her children lingerie line.  We can only not hope.

The website describes The Emily Grace Collection as: “trendy, sweet, yet edgy feel, is reminiscent of Emily’s true personality. She is collaborating with Ooh! La, La! Couture designers to create versatile styles that can be worn with sweet ballerina slippers, funky sneakers or paired with lace stockings and boots for more of a rock and roll look. Emily’s collection will appeal not just to little girls–the line also has an exclusive Teen Collection available to a size 14.”

Emily not only wants to rocket to the top of skanky-baby fashion but also wants to raise awareness for her foundation, “Lollipops and Rainbows”, which is described as a charity of charities.  That sounds like someone who wants a charity to have a charity.

The Emily Grace collection debuts on Valentine’s Day at Ohh! La, La! Couture.  I know my 10-year-old cousin will be lining up the night before for the lace stockings!

By Caitlin Tadlock

  1. Anonymous

    This is so disturbingly wrong!!!! : (
    I hope you people are joking…or that there is an error on this “Children’s lingerie?”

    Attention Child Molesters:
    “Coming to a mall near you…Cyrus Slutty Children’s Underwear”

    There should be some sort of authority that should stop this…is Disgusting!!!!

  2. blah

    Who would have thought that Billy Ray Cyrus would be able to upstage Joe Simpson in the “whoring your daughters out” category?

    Also, I hate to say it, but that Noah Cyrus is one fugly girl. Just sayin.

  3. minnie12379

    This story is a sick lie. Noah’s friend Emily is making a line of tutu dresses NOT lingerie!!!!

  4. Teala

    It’s sad that just bc her last name is Cyrus, you take a regular story and make it into a scandal. You’re completely ignorant. Firstly, It’s NOT Noah’s clothing line. It’s Emily Grace’s. Secondly, Lingerie? It’s cute tutu’s just like the stuff Suri Cruise wears. You’re pathetic sitting behind a computer screen typing words on your keyboard to try and make a TEN year old look bad. Do you have children? I’ll go make up a story about them just to benefit my site and see how YOU feel. Pathetic.

  5. Bob

    This is making me laugh so hard I’m crying

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