No Wonder Why She’s Batshit Crazy Lately…


After seeing this picture, I think I’ve had some kind of epiphany. TMZ ran a photo yesterday of Britney being followed by NINE paparazzi vehicles. Including the dude who took the pic. DAYUM.

While driving her convertible in Malibu on Tuesday, Britney was followed by eight of her closest pap pals — nine if you include the one who actually took the pic. Just another day in Spearsville!

The snapping, flashing caravan shows just how intensely competitive getting a shot of the wigged wonder has become.

Ok, I give. If I’m adding to this, I’ll open a soup kitchen or teach kids to read or whatever. Nine cars following her as she goes on a taco run? I’d be tattooing my vulva lips and shaving my locks, too. Ok, I know my epiphany and spiritual awakening is only going to last as long as this post. But admittedly, I do feel sorta bad for the wackjob. I get the whole beat the car with the patio umbrella incident.