No Wonder Peter Brady’s In Love With A Model

November 29th, 2005 // 5 Comments

Al-righty then.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Blindqueen

    I just do not get it. Is he hot? I know he has a nice muscled torso but he is about the same age as her parents. EW!

  2. Cheesy

    You know, I don’t get it. That girl is one nasty-looking piece of white trash. She’ll do anything if a camera is pointed at her.

    If she hadn’t gotten her Brady, she was probably just a hop, skip and a blow away from porn.

  3. 1) She looks like she’s trying to eat him
    2) She’s about 2 feet taller than him, it’s like Godzilla trying to mount Mini me

  4. GirlyGirl

    Come on now, kids. They were hilarious on that VH1 show they did. I didnt think Adrian was so hot on Americas Next Top Model- but on VH1- her personality really came out. She is a horn dog. Gorgeous- but really cool and sincere. I’m the first to call out a gold-digger (well, me and Kanye) and she isn’t. She digs him. For whatever reason- she digs Peter Brady. HE’S the one that is slow to catch on.

    I’m happy for them. Next time I say they just skip the foreplay and screw right there on the red carpet.

  5. funnclassymd

    Three words: Friggin MAN HANDS

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