No Surprise: Mischa Barton Still Looking A Hot Mess

One of these days it would be nice to see Mischa Barton looking decent, not even glamorous…just decent. Alas, that is not the case as evidenced above. The ‘actress’ – when was the last time she worked – was seen in LA leaving the Die Antwood concert over the weekend looking worse for wear.

And apparently the actress is not too pleased with British presenter and radio personality Fearne Cotton, whom she thinks misrepresented her in a documentary the two filmed earlier this summer.

“I think that Fearne Cotton’s show is a joke and she’s a joke,” she told OK Magazine. “I can’t hear Fearne’s name without seeing red, because it seems to me that she just wants to further her career by talking about young actresses and not in a particularly positive way.”

“I wish I hadn’t done it and that’s bad because there are enough misconceptions about me in the press,” she added. So true. Like you are dirty, crazy, on drugs, et al. However, what is she doing to prove any of those stories wrong?