No Sex For Katie Holmes

Behold the power of the Cruise. The sex scene between Katie and Aaron Eckhart from “Thank You for Smoking” mysteriously went missing at the Sundance Film Festival. However, a spokeswoman for FOX Searchlight who is releasing the film has no idea why the scene wasn’t shown.

In the flick, based on the best seller by Christopher Buckley, Holmes, who plays an investigative reporter, and Eckhart, who plays a tobacco lobbyist, enjoy a randy romp. But while that scene was still in the movie when it debuted at last year’s Toronto Film Festival, it has vanished from the Sundance screenings, causing some to wonder if Holmes’ fiancé, Tom Cruise, used his staggering showbiz clout to kill the footage.

A spokeswoman for Fox Searchlight didn’t seem to know what happened: “It’s never been altered,” she said of the finished film. “It will absolutely be released with that scene. We don’t know what happened, but we’re looking into it.”

When director Jason Reitman was asked about the missing sequence during a Q&A session, he joked that it had been lost in a “technical glitch” during a reel change. Responding to the same question at another screening, Reitman quipped, “If you want to see a sex scene with Katie Holmes, rent ‘The Gift’ “- the 2000 movie in which the former “Dawson’s Creek” cutie appears topless.

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