No Real Housewives For Tameka Raymond

Ohhh the drama that Bravo has been able to suck out of disgustingly wealthy home-makers (who are rarely seen doing much making of the home) never ceases to amazes me. The latest news in the saga that is the Real Housewives franchise has to do with those feisty ladies down in HOTlanta. Rumors have been a buzz that Nene and Kim will not be returning for the third season. While Bravo keeps insisting that no decisions have been made, one thing is for sure; Tameka Raymond (formerly known as Usher’s wife) will not be joining the uber-sassy cast.

According to Tameka’s rep, there ain’t a snowball’s chance in hell that Tameka would consider doing the entirely far too public show. Tameka even added that while she’s flattered to be considered, her main focus remains on being a mother, and working on her philanthropic foundation that aims to help at-risk teen girls develop better self-esteem.

While I would have thoroughly enjoyed Tameka’s addition to the already bat-shit crazy group of Atlanta women, I’ve gotta give her credit for attempting to maintain a somewhat private life. I always had her pegged as a fame-whoring nut-job, but honestly you can never know with these kooky celebrity spouses (not you, Elin Woods). 

Gallery Info: Tameka Raymond at the HollyRod Foundation DesignCare Event -
Malibu, California – 07/19/2008.