No Real-Life Romance Between Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle

No, Perezzers. You’re wrong.

Gossip Cop
put the kabash on romantical rumors surrounding Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle.  The source: Perez Hilton.  Perez noticed that Lilly and Rufus were getting closer while in the middle of their own divorce battles.  Hell’s bells, they must be getting cozy with one another.

False.  Erroneous.  Not happening.

The two are simply friends and leaning on each other during these tough times.  Rutherford thinks he’s swell, but only as a friend and co-star.  Another rumor has it that Settle is seeing a lady from Europe.  Nice, Rufus.  Don’t leave your scarf anywhere Perez might see it.

Kel Kel and Matty Posed for the papps JUST as friends at an Alice + Olivia even at Saks in New York City on March 18th, 2010.