No, No, No

July 5th, 2005 // 28 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ay caramba

    Seriously, they aren’t so bad. She is totally hot.

  2. bb

    i think she looks cute.

    her legs look great

  3. ll

    They are about as good as white cowboy boots can be, which is not very good.

  4. ma

    two words….white trizzasssh

  5. starrzz

    her legs dont look that great, they look nothing like they would suggest, from her rants up training, they dont look muscular or lean at all, just thin
    and the boots are way trashy, it looks like crap

  6. Rod

    HEY! It’ summer…!!

  7. jennifer

    Are we having an 80′s flashback trash moment?

  8. anni

    I dont know, why the boots? Take away the boots and bring back the boobs!

  9. Those boots were not made for walking.

  10. Terry

    White trash.

  11. Anthony

    I don’t understand. Celebrities have money coming out of their ass and they dress like this? I’m sure I could find trendier clothes at Target!!!

  12. typegirl

    she needs to fire her stylist. seriously. if she is trying for a jessica simpson moment she seriously overshot and landed directly in an 80s hairband video.

  13. Steve

    She looks like she’s headed to the truck stop to make a little cash for more blow.

  14. My gosh, it’s not like she’s on the red carpet, she’s making a quick dash to her car or something. I assure you I leave the house in much worse on days when I’m not feeling particularly stylish.
    Why not show a picture of what that horribly dressed Anna Nicole was wearing ON a red carpet to the Live 8 event. That was trashy, AND during an event that denoted at least a little class.
    Haven’t we all made the mistake of thinking cowboy boots were cute? I sure have.

  15. Trisha

    Who designated summer the time to make cowboy boots the new “hot” (no pun intended) trend? I hate this look. Although if I were just running to the store, I’d probably just grab a pair of shoes and run…but flip flops atleast. Cowboy boots and shorts? Leave it.

  16. lala

    she looks wonderfull in crack! I mean boots!

  17. Mandy

    I think they have a kitchy but cute appeal. Welcome the indie world folks, kitchy is in.

  18. Marissa

    hey i look up 2 lindsay .. not every1 dresses perfect.. its kinda a weird outfit but if she likes it let her wear it.

    p.s if any1 nos any record companies email me

  19. lse

    is it me or is she losing her hair?

  20. genevievivian

    What happened to her titie implants?

  21. Daisy

    She looks okay to me if she just wanted to go on an errand. She looks toned and in shape.

  22. kary

    you think she looks toned and in shape , where’s the muscle you talk about i don’t see it i just see her boobs going down to her ankles. daisey i think you need ur eyese checked not to be rude

  23. Twinkletoes

    I agree, she’s built like a 45 year old woman now…actually, I’ve seen 45 year old women with better breasts!

  24. skunk

    Believe it or not, she’s on her way to church in that photograph. At least that’s how the photo is labeled at the places it was originally posted.

  25. Hodgie

    Her legs dont look scraggly here at all, not like in other pictures of seen of her recently…i love the way lindsey dresses, it may not always be what everyone else thinks is hot, but whatever! granted she does neet to lay out in the sun for a bit, oh wait that would fry her overbleached hair!

  26. did_i_say_that

    These boots are made for walkin….

    over to her dealer for some more coke.

  27. sami

    hahaha nah i dont like the whole gow girl look…
    shit man and she can realy loose the top to!

  28. luella_grl

    omg! trends dont really come off the runway anymore. they come off celebrities. if sum regular person walked around in that outfit…they’d be like wft!?! since shes a celeb a lot of ppl thinks its cool to wear crappy clothes like that.

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