No More Free Milk

September 26th, 2006 // 1 Comment

It’s time to buy the cow, beeotch.

The National Enquirer recently spoke with an inside source, who revealed that Katie Holmes was ready to have another child with Tom Cruise, but only once he finally marries her. According to the source,

“She loves being a mum and can’t wait to do it again. But first, she wants to be Tom’s wife–so they’ve made a pact.”

And because of Katie’s desire to get pregnant by the end of the year, it seems the TomKat nuptials have been pushed up to an autumn date.

I just–I still just can’t believe this is a real relationship. They could release an explicit sex-tape and I would still have trouble digesting the idea that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes could possibly be interested in engaging in heterosexual activities with one another.

Katie Holmes’ baby promise [Female First]

Written by Lisa Timmons

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. frogger

    The style of shoes Tom has on was sold by Esprit shoes for women in like 1997.

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