No Kanye West & Taylor Swift Duet At VMA’s, But We Get Lindsay Lohan!

It’s that time of year again – when co-stars awkwardly kiss on stage for our amusement, where hosts mock the celebrities sitting before them and where hip-hop stars drink too much Jack and step on the dreams of a rising teenage sweethearts…it’s the VMA’s!

According to the executive producer of Sunday’s show, Jesse Ignjatovic, the MTV Video Music Awards will be even more amazing this year with a space-age paradise theme inspired by mid-century modern architecture, he also confirms that there will NOT be a duet between Kayne West and Taylor Swift. Despite the fact that West is performing at the show and Swift is nominated she has not confirmed her attendance. Do we really blame the girl?

Kayne took to twitter last week and in another attempt to seek forgiveness for last year’s on-stage antics, he revealed that he wrote a song for Swift, and “if she won’t take it, then I’ll perform it for her.” Sounds more like a threat than a gift if you ask me.

I love how laid-back Taylor is about the situation, Kayne is writing her songs and sharing this with the world  wheras Taylor is going shopping. Here she is pictured with friends in Los Angeles, California – looking adorable and on a side note, I love that in Taylor’s down-time she looks like an ordinary chick – albeit a very pretty chick but one that doesn’t try so hard. In my day-to-day life – I also attempt to pull off a similar nonchalant 80’s rock-chick casual look but usually only achieve the look of a slightly chubby Saved by the Bell extra. Ah, the life of a civilian.

Anyway, back to the VMA’s – do not let the lack of West&Swift deter you from watching because as Eonline reports, Lindsay Lohan will make her first formal appearance on the show since her imprisonment and apparently will address her recent drama. I’m tuning in just to see what happens between host Chelsea Handler and Lohan on stage – Lindsey and her family make for some of Handler favourite topics on her late-night show, so you know sparks will fly on the night. When asked about Lohan’s appearance on the show, Handler said, “That would make for a lot of material”.

Cannot wait.