No Awesome Fight to Report from Wednesday’s Episode of “The View”


In case you happened to watch “The View” yesterday, you’ll notice that it was missing something. Namely, Rosie O’Donnell. As we mentioned earlier in the week, Ro (as she’s programmed on our speed-dial), had already planned to be out of the office for her partner’s 40th birthday and was nowhere to be seen on “The View.” Instead, a very diplomatic and utterly charming (yet decidedly NOT antagonistic) Kathy Griffin filled in for O’Donnell. And although she looked like she did an extremely good job making light of the whole debacle, the problem is that I’m like a shark that’s already smelled some blood. And yeah, I’m hungry for some more. I want these chicks to go at it, West Side Story-style! Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear if I’ll get my wish anytime soon, according to a Thursday AM post from TMZ.

Still, as of this morning, all Rosie was sayin’ was that she didn’t know when she’d be back — if at all, according to her blog. And, more officially, Babwa called any suggestion that yesterday’s fight was scripted “ridiculous.”

If only there were a way to get Star Jones back into the mix, not that her frail little bobble-head would stand a fighting chance anymore…