No Room For Enrique Iglesias And His Ego

TMZ reports that Enrique Iglesias pulled out of a concert tour with Britney Spears because “his ego couldn’t handle it.”  Allegedly both teams had spent weeks hammering out details for the two stars, making sure that Iglesias was sold as co-headliner.

Everything was fine until yesterday, when Iglesias got in touch with people involved in the tour to bitch about being second bananas.  Iglesias’s bottom line was that he was Britney’s opening act, and he wasn’t standing for it.  Despite a lucrative deal, Iglesias just wasn’t up for taking the stage before Britney.

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This strikes me as odd, since Iglesias was totally fine with having his single used for Jersey Shore.  You’ll invite Ron Ron to be in your music video, but you won’t “co-headline” with Britney Spears?  What is wrong with you?