No, LeAnn Rimes Is Not Pregnant…Yet

December 28th, 2010 // 1 Comment

LeAnn Rimes would like you to know she isn’t having a shotgun wedding with fiance Eddie Cibrian, thank you very much. The country star furiously took to Twitter when reports surfaced that she was already pregnant with Cibrian’s child soon after announcing their engagement.

“This is such BS!!!! Lol, you people all report BS,” LeAnn tweeted, pictured with her fiance en route to Cabo San Lucas on Sunday. An earlier tweet read: “Don’t feed onto the negativity, that’s what they want. When you ignore you put out their flames and leave them with nothing to talk about. A bully wants to get a reaction, no reaction is confusing to a bully and they eventually burn out. Hard to do always, but so true and it works.” God, I can’t wait until Taylor Swift turns this crazy on us.

So judging by what happened with the engagement news, expect the baby news to drop again for real in approx. one month.

By Lola Robertson

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    a lot about Leann as a person. How could she put on this cmstuoe? And it doesn’t just end there, she is taking digs at EC ex-wife. Check out the brand of cigerettes in her wedding dress. LR is wrong, especially since she took it to another level about EC ex-wife by using that type of cigarette.

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