No, Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend Didn’t Tattoo Her Name On His D*ck

Chummy Exes
Post-split Marc Anthony and J.Lo still manage to keep it friendly.
Wow, how do you even bring that up in conversation? Well, it had to happen somehow since there was a source who told the New York Post that Casper Smart got another “sexy” tatt that girlfriend Jennifer Lopez proclaimed as her “favorite.” Meaning– wait for it– a d*ck tattoo! With her name!

How… sweet.

But the rumor mills was just spinning lies according to Smart, who called the claims to be “very false.” Oookay then. I’m not really, totally, seriously interested in the proof, so I’ll take you at your word!

The couple was seen taking a break during dance rehearsals, with Lopez pointing at the camera and wearing some sequined pants that I know I’d love to work out in. Lopez sure loves her dancer boyfriends; wonder if this one will stick around longer than the last one?