Nina Dobrev’s Red Carpet Style Evolution [PHOTOS]

Don't Forget Your SPF
Nina Dobrev and Nick Braun team up to create this catchy tune!
Nina Dobrev, who is the  leading lady of The Vampire Diaries is considered one of the best dressed celebrities. No matter what event she goes to, she always looks absolutely flawless. Even while she’s out walking the streets with beau, Ian Somerhalder, she puts most of our outfits to shame.

Her new movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower premiered in theaters this past Friday. I figured showing how she evolved through the years would be a great way to celebrate the movie’s opening.

Despite what many of us may think, Dobrev wasn’t always so beautifully dressed. Some of her outfits from a few years ago weren’t exactly the best. She has always been a beautiful girl, but the sometimes the outfits just weren’t flattering. Finding what’s best for you really is a trial and error process, which she seems to have perfected through the years.

The red floor-length gown she wore to the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in 2011 is one of her most famous looks. The dress was figure-hugging and stunning. Just one year before, she wore a gold gown that made her look like a Greek Goddess. Everything about it was just perfect. For a while, a picture of her in that stunning dress was her Twitter profile picture.

Whether she looks like a Christmas present, or if she’s wearing a super short, leg-revealing dress, Nina makes a wonderful fashion statement.

What looks are your favorite? Are there any you think aren’t so hot, or do you love them all?