Nina Dobrev, Sofia Vergara, And 13 Other Stunning Ladies On Television [PHOTOS]

Love Her!
Top 10 girl crushes from TV shows.
Some of the most beautiful women on the planet have been gracing our screens in various television shows. Nina Dobrev and Claire Holt shine on The Vampire Diaries, while Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland look stunning on Modern Family.

Everyone on television right now is incredibly attractive. It almost isn’t fair how much eye candy we’re supplied with when we tune into all of our favorite shows. How are we supposed to pay attention to the plotlines when we’re continuously distracted by sex appeal?

Men are usually the ones to get the most attention for their looks (I’m looking at you Ian Somerhalder), but it seems the ladies are the ones who are coming out on top this time. They’re receiving more awards and recognition than ever before. And what about how they’re all dressing? I’ve never seen more beautiful ensembles in my life!

Take a look at Vergara’s dress (to the right). The design is unique and it’s figure-hugging. It’s extremely flattering on her and the color just works. She did have a little – okay major – wardrobe malfunction when she wore it, but that didn’t make her look any less beautiful!

Dobrev has a wardrobe I can only dream of! Her outfits are always so beautiful! I’d love to have a sneak peek at just her shoe collection! Most of the time she is wearing beautiful Jimmy Choos. I can’t tell if those are what she’s wearing in the picture above, but either way, the black really complements the fuchsia.

What other lovely ladies made the cut? Launch the gallery to find out!