Nina Dobrev Reminds You To Wear Your ‘SPF’ [VIDEO]

Nina Rocks The Rouge
Dobrev Shows Off Her Body In A Hot Pink Dress
Ian & Nina
The couple's cutest photos.
If you didn’t love Nina Dobrev before–and why wouldn’t you, she’s awesome–you will after watching her in the newest Funny Or Die sketch. Nina and fellow Young Hollywood actor, Nick Braun, want you to remember to wear sunscreen this summer. And what better way to get their message across than with a hilarious rap?

Guys, Nina can rap. I mean, I knew she could act and look amazing in everything she wears, but this is quite the new and exciting talent. The video is hysterical. Nina even throws out some Bulgarian for us. Think she talks dirty to boyfriend Ian Somerhalder in Bulgarian? Check out the video above and tell us how much you love it–and Nina–in the comments! Don’t forget your SPF!