Nina Dobrev Receives A Birthday Treat From Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin

Don't Stop The Party!
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Beautiful actress Nina Dobrev has some really amazing friends! She received delicious looking cookies for her birthday from Phoebe Tonkin.

The photo was captioned with:

Found this in my dressing room from @1phoebejtonkinC/O @paulwesley. My BDAY never ends! Love you Phoebe! Ps.I hate you,youre making me fat!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the cookies were ah-mazing! I’d like half a dozen delivered to me, please!

Let’s back up a minute though. The cookies were from Tonkin, but Paul Wesley delivered them?

This is just fueling my love for their currently unconfirmed relationship.

There has been speculation and proof countless times but neither have confirmed nor denied with an official statement. Over the holidays, they both went to Australia and looked super cute! While the pair lounged on the beach, they ran into former cast mate (and super hottie) Nathaniel Buzolic.

We’ll all always wonder who a celebrity dates. Something that I think is most important for both of them is happiness. Photos of them in New York show just how happy he is. Here’s the thing about Mr. Wasilewski: his smile is contagious! Trust me! If he smiles at you, or just grins in general, you will want to smile. Nothing makes me happier than seeing him smile.

You can check out the photos and decide for yourself.

Now let’s talk about what’s coming up for The Vampire Diaries. The 100th episode which is premiering January 23rd is titled ‘100 Years of Solitude’. We know it centers around Miss Katherine Pierce and her potential death.

Mark Pedowitz, the boss over at the CW, was asked about what’s coming up in the episode. Everyone wants to know if the vampire-turned-human who is the reason for quite a bit of pain and suffering for each character will die. All he really said was, “you might be surprised. The 100th episode is quite interesting.”

All I ask is for Queen Pierce to live another day.

What’s your final verdict? Should Katherine live, or is it really her time to die? Let us know in the comments below!