Nina Dobrev Looks Adorable At The Grove, Talks Damon & Stefan [PHOTOS]

After wowing the crap out of everyone in Donna Karan at the Met Costume Institute Gala Monday night (May 7th), Nina Dobrev popped over to Los Angeles to promote tomorrow night’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries.  According to her tweets, Dobrev is going to tape Conan O’Brien tonight in Burbank, but first it was a stop by The Grove to chat with Extra host Maria Menounos.

Without giving too much away from tomorrow night’s episode, Dobrev talked to Zap2it about Elena’s choice between Damon and Stefan Salvatore.  “Because of the circumstances, one of the Salvatores does leave town,” Dobrev said.  “When Elena does make the decision, she’s alone. She’s not with either brother. She’s taken away from that element of temptation, and away from the pressure, and she’s not forced to make an impulsive decision because they’re both standing in front of her.”

What does this all mean!!!!!????  First I want her to end up with Damon, because there will be a whole lotta rolling around, but then I think about her and Stefan and how great they are together.  

One thing’s for sure, tomorrow night will be very interesting (although not as interesting as the first season’s finale, when Katherine magically appeared.  That was epic).