Nina Dobrev Shows Off Her Amazing Acting Chops In ‘Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ Deleted Scene [VIDEO]

Not that I didn’t already know Nina Dobrev is an amazing actress, but it’s always nice to see her just bust out something amazing.

Nina was fantastic last year in Perks Of Being A Wallflower where she played Logan Lerman’s older sister and looked amazing at all of the premieres. One scene that sadly didn’t make the movie’s final cut–and made some fans of the books sad in the process–was Nina’s scene with Logan when she goes to have an abortion.

While the scene may not have made the movie’s cut, we get to see it now and my god it is fantastic. It’s only a few minutes long, but it’s chalk-full of emotion. You know the best part of the scene? 

The lovely moment when Nina lays on Logan after a particularly difficult discussion. Sure it’s followed by a very uncomfortable scene with Logan’s aunt–and for those who’ve seen the movie/read the book you know why it’s uncomfortable–but it’s still excellent.

Check out the scene above and let us know what you think! Wish it had made the final cut? Constantly impressed by Nina? Sound off in the comments!