Jodie Foster’s Island Invaded By Phoebe Price

Here are the pictures from the Nim’s Island premiere. Did Phoebe Price break in? That hat is all sorts of Florida rest stop, and she looks like she might have ducked a crowd control barrier somewhere. Jodie Foster probably took one look at her stalker-looking ass and thought “is another bitch going to shoot the president for me?” Jodie’s had enough stalkers for one lifetime, thanks.

The film stars my newly skeletal girl Jodie Foster as a children’s book writer who gets magically dragged to the mysterious island where Abigail Breslin lives. Before you think this is some lesbian coming-of-age deal, Gerard Butler’s up in there, too. Hopefully he brought his jock from 300. Otherwise, this sounds like a bore.

Abigail, of Little Miss Sunshine fame, said it was rough at times working in tropical surroundings. Sure, kid.

“But it was also a lot of hard work. I got a huge bug bite on Hinchinbrook [Island]. There were bush rats and tree frogs on the island. They got into peoples rooms. You couldn’t even hold the stair railing because there were so many frogs!” she said.

Well, the only bush rat at the premiere is Phoebe. I hope there’s a totally awkward moment when Gerard and Jodie make out in the movie. So everyone in the audience can go “yeah, right.” I love Jodie, but she needs to do more movies where she makes out with chicks. I think that’s her medium.

Photos: WENN

More photos from the premiere of Nim’s Island featuring Phoebe Price, Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler and Abigail Breslin are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN