Nikki Reed Keeps it Simple and Sexy.

As if the premier of the of the 2nd trailer for the ‘Eclipse’ film wasn’t motivation enough of a reason to watch, the official Twilight Saga Facebook page had a 30 minute interview with stars Nikki Reed, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Julia Jones, sharing on set shenanigans with all of us anxiously awaiting the release of the 3rd installment of the series. Shira Lazar spends time asking fan submitted questions and getting in depth with the character prospectives of the actors, and how director David Slade pushed, and hopefully is able to capture more of the literary points that have been missing from the previous films.  Yay!! Fan girl excitement established!

On a side note; how cute is Nikki Reed?? Ooh la la, mon cherié.  I know she’s not glammed up to the max, or slutting it up in a bikini, but sometimes it’s when a girl keeps it low key, she is sexiest. Here she is shopping out on Robertson in Hollywood, CA on April 24, 2010. Le sigh. She reminds me so much of Nina Diaz, of Girl in a Coma, a rockin’ band out on tour with Sia, on Blackheart Records, run by Joan Jett, who just happened to be portrayed by Nikki’s bff, Kristen Stewart in ‘The Runaways’ this past March. Sheesh, thats a mouth full. ‘6 Degrees of Kristen Stewart’ much? I love these girls!