Nikki Reed Has Swagger Like Us

Fact #1: The world looks a little brighter this morning now that New Moon was officially released in theatres last night.
Fact #2: Watching Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Alex Meraz on the big screen was well worth the two hour wait in line while hundreds of hormonal 14-year-olds filled in the movie seats next to me.
Fact #3: Aside from the overwhelming amount of male eye candy that encompassed the film, I couldn’t help but continually be drawn back to Team Rosalie, played by the gorgeous Nikki Reed, who although didn’t get tons of screen time, still held her own as the sexy vampire we love to hate. 
Maybe it’s the fact she recently quit smoking, has been dating Greek shipping heir, Paris Latsis under the radar for the last year or the fact that she would rather get crunk listening to Jay Z instead of lame Twilight hater, Miley Cyrus, but whatever the reason, Ms. Reed has my undivided attention. Can I get a what what?!
She recently told Vanity Fair that it’s flattering that people actually know her first and last name now thanks to the success of the franchise and hopes that her exposure will allow her to branch out into directing and producing after all the Twilight madness dies down a bit. (As if that’s happening anytime soon). 
Say what you want about her, but in the words of my good friend Jay Z, Nikki Reed is shaking her haters off all the way to the bank. 
Gallery Info: Nikki Reed is swarmed by photographers after leaving the It’s On With Alexa Chung show.