Nikki Reed Dating Paris Latsis, Attends Event With Kellan Lutz

The newest Twilight romance buzz concerns star, Nikki Reed, who was at one point rumored to be part of a love triangle which included co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Reed–who showed up to the Express TXT L8TR event with her fellow New Moon star, Kellan Lutz–is being romantically-linked to Paris Hilton’s ex, Paris Latsis. A snitch tells the New York Daily News, the 21-year-old actress has been dating the Greek shipping heir for nearly six months.

The snitch reveals, “Both families have met, and really like each other,” the snitch said. “That’s how serious it’s getting between [Nikki and Paris]. Robert Pattinson is nowhere on the radar. She’s upgraded, in her mind.”

I just hope she bleached him and then tossed him into some scalding water first, to avoid any kind of infection.

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