Nikki Reed’s Cute And Casual Red Carpet Style [PHOTOS]

Seventeen Star
Nikki Reed covers Seventeen magazine.
Monday night all eyes were on the stars of Twilight. Everyone was just dying to see what they would be wearing to the Breaking Dawn premiere. Almost none of them were disappointing. My personal favorite, Nikki Reed, definitely impressed in her gorgeous, floor-length gown.

Little does everyone know, the “Cullen”, was starring in films long before this franchise came along. In 2003, she wrote and acted in the movie Thirteen, opposite Evan Rachel Wood. What’s most interesting about that movie is it was based off of her life.

I remember loving her character’s risky fashion choices. One of the written aspects of the character which made her more enticing to everyone else were her fashion choices.

Ignoring the fact she was playing a thirteen or fourteen year old, Reed looked pretty amazing.

Since then, he style has obviously evolved. These days she’s looking more polished and sophisticated while still adding her own, casual touch to it. What I love most about her ensembles is that she does make them look effortless in one way or another.

Whether or hair is a little out of place, or she’s wearing a blazer, she always looks like she’s wearing a day or night outfit.

Check out our gallery and let us know which outfits are your favorites!