Nikki Reed & Her Hot, Shirtless Brother Take Her Dogs For A Hike [PHOTOS]

Nikki: Cover Girl
Nikki graces the cover of Seventeen.
Well hello there, Mr. Reed!

Who knew that Twilight star Nikki Reed has such a super hottie as her brother? Nikki and her brother, Nathan, were spotted enjoying a hike in the Hollywood Hills over Super Bowl weekend.

While it’s fantastic to see Nikki and her cute doggies out, it’s way more exciting to see such an attractive member of her family. It could just be because he’s shirtless, but even then, it’s still really nice. I bet Nathan is looking forward to becoming Uncle Nate when Nikki and her hubby finally decide to have that baby of theirs. 

But first Nikki’s gotta get a few more promotional appearance and making fans weep to do. Well, we assume that’s what she’s got going on.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Nikki’s shirtless bro. Gotta say, he’s pretty hot for a celebrity bro! Where does he rank on your list of celebrity siblings? Let us know in the comments!