Night Before The Royal Wedding, Prince Harry Was Out Until 3 AM

Although Prince Harry filled out his dignified military uniform with ease, wedding viewers couldn’t help but notice that the Prince looked a bit weary, as he stood beside his brother, the groom.

PHOTOS: Check out these photos of the adorable the Prince!

Sources say that the young royal and best man was indeed still socializing a mere eight hours before the Royal Wedding began. Onlookers say that the party ended around 3 AM, shortly after the athletic Harry playfully jumped from a balcony and landed awkwardly on one ankle about six feet below.

Even the duties of the Royal Wedding couldn’t keep the fun-loving Prince Harry from having a couple drinks with his pals. Check out the photos above of the Royal Wedding and newer ones of the world’s most eligible bachelor playing polo at the Dorchester Cup in Berkshire, England yesterday.