Nifty Uses For The Classic British Phonebooth [PHOTOS]

Diamond Jubilee Concert
Elton John and Cheryl Cole sung for Her Majesty.
Duchess Kate's Hair
Various photos of Her Royal Highness's locks.
The Other Royals
10 who won't rule Britain
Oh what fun.  It’s as if BBC America’s Anglophenia blog knows me better than my own mother.  Their Brit List came up with 15 different ways to use the British phonebooth (or phone box, as they call it) design, and I want to own each and every trinket.

The American booths may be on their to the Smithsonian soon enough, but here’s hoping the British counterpart is here to stay (at least for tourism purposes).

Check out a few photos in our gallery, and make sure to head over to their site for the rest. 

If you need me, I’ll be taking a snooze on the phonebooth couch.

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