Nicollette Sheridan Says It’s Not Time Yet To Marry The Assclown

People reports that my favorite Desperate Housewife isn’t ready to marry Michael Bolton. Which puts her crazy level at about 95 as opposed to the 100 I had already scored her. So she’s got that going for her.

Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton have been engaged for 10 months now, but don’t expect to hear wedding bells any time soon.

“I don’t have time for wedding plans anymore, but we are extremely happy,” Sheridan, 43, told reporters Sunday at the New York City premiere of her film Code Name: The Cleaner.

Indeed, Bolton, 53, is still music to his fiancée’s ears: At a Dec. 13 junket for the film, the Desperate Housewives star was asked what records she’s been listening to lately. “Michael Bolton,” she said, laughing. “Bolton Swings Sinatra. Michael’s Christmas CD.”

The couple announced their engagement in March after a whirlwind courtship – although they’d dated for several years in the early ’90s. Sheridan ended her engagement to actor Nicklas Soderblom in October 2005.

She’s got stunning taste in music. And men. Why did this crazed bitch get engaged if she didn’t want to get married? Teri Hatcher’s neuroses have rubbed off on her and it ain’t pretty. She needs to rediscover the Knots Landing inside and get a young guy who can service her cougarness.