Nicolette to Lucy, “I Ain’t Scared.”

For her fight scene with Lucy Liu in the film, “Code Name: The Cleaner,” Nicolette Sheridan (AKA my favorite real life femme-bot) clearly wasn’t at all daunted by her co-star’s martial arts training that she’d had on the set of “Kill Bill.” reports:

Liu explains Sheridan wasn’t fazed by her extensive experience saying, “She came at me – she was fierce! Actually we didn’t even have to rehearse it at all.”

“We just talked about what looked best for each of us, because she’s got really long legs, she’s very flexible.

Now, I love me some Nicolette Sheridan. That woman seriously does not give a shit what people think which I think is most clearly demonstrated by her willingness to admit a relationship with cheeseball, Michael Bolton. But seriously, of course the woman wasn’t intimidated. How the hell can you get injured if 95% of your person consists of man-made materials?



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