Nicole Taking A Cue From Paris

Nicole Richie has chosen to serve her jail sentence at Lynnwood. Readers will recall that this is where Paris served her sentence. Nicole had the option of serving her four day stint at a much nicer private jail, but there’s a good reason why she opted for Lynnwood. A better quality of jail drugs! Kidding, keep reading.

When an inmate does time at a private facility, they must serve out the entire sentence. At Lynwood, the Sheriff could turn a 4-day sentence into a revolving door, because of the overcrowding problem.

Even if Nicole didn’t go in and out, she would do much less than 4 days. She could enter Lynwood late one evening (as Paris did) and she’d get credit for an entire day. On top of that, there’s “good time” credit that would shave a significant portion of the sentence.

What’s the point of this chick even going? Howabout you take away her first born for being a dumbass? Why don’t they just punish her by sending her flowers and a bag of candy? And maybe giving her a new car? Remind me to kill in L.A. if I ever decide to take up serial murder. I’ll probably get elected mayor.