Nicole Still Working It

Entertainment News has the scoop on how one of my favorite actresses is still kicking ass and taking names despite her Nickelback-looking husband being in the booze pokey.

Despite having a husband in rehab, that is not stopping Nicole Kidman’s plans to star in the new Baz Lurhman film named ‘Australia’.

Kidman will be starring opposite Hugh Jackman in this epic WW2 drama; the film is set in northern Oz and tells the story of an English aristocrat who inherits a huge ranch.

When things go pear-shaped Kidman’s character is forced to join forces with a lowly cattle driver, Jackman, to drive across hundreds of miles of open country.

Filming begins in March, and is scheduled to last five months.

Nicole and Baz go together like me and margaritas. Seriously, “Moulin Rouge” was the best thing to happen to gay film since the club scene in “Basic Instinct”. When Ewan sings “Your Song” to her? I felt it in my imaginary uterus. Anyway, Nicole rocks and I’d buy a ticket to this. I hope she wears a lot of big dresses and has to outrun a lot of bombs. Kind of like when she was married to Cruise. Except we know who was wearing the dresses. Oh no he dinnit!

Written by J. Harvey

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